Ease human jam at Tampines MRT station

I have observed that there is an issue with the movement of human traffic at the busy Tampines MRT station.

Passengers who alight from the train tend to take several minutes to move down from the platform. It has reached the point where another train arrives but the crowd has still not cleared.

I can discern two reasons for this slow movement.

First, people tend to use escalators rather than stairs, resulting in them having to wait for a long time for their turn to get on.

Second, some people stand on the right side of the escalators, blocking the way of people who wish to walk down.

With three malls next to the MRT station as well as the continual building of new residential housing in neighbouring towns, the number of people using the Tampines station will definitely increase.

The plan to increase train frequency will also worsen the problem.

I hope SMRT will do something to ease the jam, not just at Tampines, but also at all major stations.

Jin Zhi Yan (Miss)