E-cigarettes first step down slippery slope

I agree with Singapore Cancer Society's chief executive Albert Ching in supporting a total ban on e-cigarettes (Smoking is biggest risk factor for lung cancer, by Singapore Cancer Society; Forum Online, Feb 15).

If at all possible, I would call for a total ban on all tobacco products.

Nicotine, in whatever form, is a highly addictive drug with long-term harmful effects.

Even though nicotine replacement products may be less of a cancer risk than smoking, its harmful effects are not diminished.

The long-term cost on society is extremely high.

Mr Mohammed Saleem Mohammed Ibrahim has argued that e-cigarettes are allowed in Britain and other countries, and we should therefore allow it here (Time for a rational debate on vaping; Feb 15).

This is a road down a very slippery path. Marijuana, cannabis and other so-called "soft" drugs are allowed in several developed countries.

If we allow that kind of argument to take hold, it will very quickly destroy our society.

Patrick Tan Siong Kuan