E-bikers can be a road menace

I read with interest the report on modified e-bikes ("Modified e-bikes raise safety concerns"; Oct 4), in particular, the mention of an 81-year-old e-bike rider who lost his life in an accident with a trailer.

As a driver, I see many of these riders on the road and, unfortunately, I have found them to be quite a menace.

Many do not observe basic road traffic rules. I have even seen three people on one e-bike in the middle of a two-lane road.

Driving on the road with these riders is like driving in an obstacle course.

These riders are not regulated or insured; they have no formal training in handling their machines, especially in an emergency situation; many are elderly; and many do not wear safety gear except maybe for a bicycle helmet, which affords minimal protection.

The Land Transport Authority must act to protect these riders as well as other road users who share the roads with them

I do not begrudge people wanting a low-cost mode of transport, but it should not be to the detriment of others' safety.

Ng Kei Yong