Drinking fountains along park connectors: NParks replies

The Park Connector Network (PCN) is a 300km islandwide network of linear open spaces linking major parks, nature sites and housing estates. It provides more opportunities for recreation, and is also a platform for communities to gather and bond.

Currently, drinking fountains are provided where a piped water supply is present ("Install more water coolers at park connectors" by Ms Koh Wee Leng; Forum Online, Jan 14).

For example, along the North Eastern Riverine Loop, drinking fountains can be found near restrooms along Punggol Promenade Riverside Walk, Punggol Point Park and Punggol Waterway.

We will look into installing more drinking fountains along our park connectors where practicable and feasible.

The PCN offers a diverse array of recreational options and we advise users to take along with them adequate water for their activities as they enjoy the PCN.

Chia Seng Jiang


National Parks Board