Don't throw out anti-littering education programmes

Let us not be too hasty to conclude that education has failed in its mission to inculcate civic consciousness ("Dirty habit proves hard to junk as fines for littering hit 7-year high"; Feb 5).

This is a good opportunity to evaluate the existing programmes to discourage littering, and identify gaps and inadequacies that need remedying.

The lack of ownership of living spaces among Singaporeans is a contributor to littering.

Residents play no part in shaping the environment of their estate and, thus, find little incentive to take care of it.

The initiative to get students to do weekly school cleaning is a good move. It may help to address the issue of reliance on domestic help at home and on foreign cleaners in public to clean up after ourselves.

Tackling littering is about developing new habits, not criminalising behaviour.

Tam Peck Hood (Ms)