Don't stop march of progress in taxi industry

There is a very good reason why cabs are lying idle and unhired: Technology has enabled the more efficient provision of taxi services, and operators have not kept up with it ("Can't find cabs on the road? Try the yard"; Oct 10).

For the longest time, I have been frustrated by the lack of a taxi when I need it most despite Singapore having a very high taxi to population ratio. This smacks of inefficiency and, perhaps, an overly protected industry.

In contrast, with Uber, one just has to make a few clicks on the phone, and the taxi arrives a few minutes later.

Transport researcher Lee Der-Horng said that the "Government must do something".

There is not much that can be done except to let the market take its course.

The Government only has to ensure that those who cannot use a taxi app are able to hail a cab, and that all online taxi drivers can be easily traced in case of wrongdoing.

Taxi apps are the way to go. We should embrace them and not stifle them in trying to protect the existing industry.

Foong Swee Fong