Don't nurture sports for medals only

I read with disappointment the comment by Tunku Imran, president of both the Olympic Council of Malaysia and the SEA Games Federation Council.

He said: "Let's not try and bring in sports that don't have any chance of getting anywhere on the world stage." ("Region on upswing and must focus on core sports"; Aug 22)

I am afraid this is the same thinking of most parents and national sports associations.

Do we raise sportsmen for the sake of getting a medal only? It is very sad that in all aspects of our life, we are so result-oriented.

Unceasing praise poured for Joseph Schooling on his Olympic win.

But do we, at the same time, encourage those who have also put in hours of training but did not win a medal? Have we done enough to fan, if not sustain, that passion? Are we and the Government willing to invest in the passion and determination of aspiring sportsmen, winning aside?

They need encouragement from the public and Government: a pat on the back, simple praise on social media and practical ways to support them.

Let us not place a dollar sign or egoism to everything we want to achieve.

Eleanor Foo Chien Ming (Madam)