Don't neglect global issues during polls

I have read with much interest the policy recommendations made by the various political parties.

While I agree that it is important to focus on domestic issues, we should also not forget about the potential external political uncertainties that may impact us.

The threat of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) remains real, and if our present leaders are not sensitive to the potential threats, it could easily spill onto our shores.

The bomb blast in Bangkok ("Bomb blast in Bangkok kills at least 16"; Aug 18) made me realise that we can never take security for granted, and I applaud our leaders for maintaining the peace and security we so enjoy now.

When we go to the polls on Sept 11, it will not be just about who can represent us in Parliament.

Importantly, it is also about who can represent Singapore on the global stage, engaging world leaders and ensuring Singapore is on a level playing field with other nations many times our size.

Seck Mun Choong