Don't let high-rise littering spark fire tragedy

Singapore has been blessed with good facilities and infrastructure. We have the Singapore Civil Defence Force, which is highly responsive.

However, when I ask myself if an incident like that of London's Grenfell Tower (Fire engulfs tower block in West London; June 15) could happen here, I have to say that the answer is yes.

It is not hard to imagine a similar fire breaking out in our condominiums if nothing is done by the authorities to enforce stringent measures against high-rise littering.

There are instances of indiscriminate waste disposal, careless throwing of cigarettes in chutes and near air-conditioner condensers and gas pipes, and a lack of internal inspections by building management.

Each one of us needs to take responsibility.

More importantly, we need the authorities to impose a unified set of enforcement measures to address high-rise littering in both public and private housing estates.

Larry Teo Seow Pho