Don't let dog poop mar Botanic Gardens

I was at the Singapore Botanic Gardens one Saturday evening recently. Like many Singaporeans, I am very happy and proud that it is now a Unesco World Heritage Site.

But shortly after I entered the garden, I almost stepped on some dog poop.

After that, I had to take my eyes off the greenery every other minute just to avoid stepping on more of such poop.

I wonder what message an overseas visitor would take back home if he or she happens to step on the poop.

I am not against having dogs in the gardens, but can the management do something about this issue?

For example, plastic bags could be provided at the entrances, and there should be designated dustbins for dog owners to dispose of their pets' poop.

The authorities should also impose penalties on owners who walk away without cleaning after their dogs.

Candice Yeo Chai Hong (Ms)