Don't let actions of few mar image of riders

A woman on an e-scooter crossing the road in Bouna Vista.
A woman on an e-scooter crossing the road in Bouna Vista.PHOTO: ST FILE

There will always be irresponsible people, whether they are motorists, cyclists, e-scooter riders or even pedestrians.

While stern action should be taken against offenders, we should not let the actions of this group affect other responsible riders (Ban e-scooters until infrastructure is in place, by Mr Remesh Panicker, May 11; and Little need for PMDs in S'pore, by Dr Yik Keng Yeong, May 14).

As a freelancer who shuttles between meetings frequently, I rely on the combination of my e-scooter and public transport to get to my appointments on time and in a presentable fashion.

More importantly, travelling with an e-scooter has lowered my transport expenses as I do not have to take taxis or private-hire vehicles as often.

I have registered my e-scooter and I am well acquainted with the rules of e-scooter usage under the Land Transport Authority's Active Mobility Act.

While regulations are definitely useful, safety is ultimately a personal responsibility.

I slow down when I come to a more crowded path or as I approach carpark entrances and exits.

I do this not out of fear of the law but out of concern for my own safety as well as the well-being of others.

I believe I am not the only one to do so.

Hence, we should not let the actions of a few mar the image of the broader community.

Matthew Ng Cheng Yat