Don't forget seniors working as part-time school counsellors

Older workers I am sure would want to thank Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat who hinted recently that measures to better support seniors will be a focus at the upcoming Budget on Feb 19 (Heng: More can be done to meet needs of older S'poreans; Jan 23).

The relook will perhaps further support and augment the Education Ministry's scheme of employing senior educators as part-time school counsellors.

We are a group of 93 who work as part-time school counsellors and we are glad we are still considered professionally and mentally sound to be employed to continue working with schools.

The MOE Guidance Branch should be applauded for continuing with the part-time school counsellor scheme for retired education officers, even though we are considered external vendors serving the schools.

We hope the younger leaders will not forget this small group of working seniors who are contributing and would like to contribute to society as long as we are able to.

We are heartened to know that our younger leaders are looking into better support for seniors and hope we will not become a forgotten group of working seniors.

Peck Soo Hong (Ms)

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