Don't budge on e-scooter footpath ban

A man rides his PMD on a cycling path.
A man rides his PMD on a cycling path.ST PHOTO: JASON QUAH

Following the ban on e-scooters on footpaths, several food delivery riders went to meet ministers to voice their concerns (Food delivery riders' concerns will be looked into: Minister, Nov 8; Food delivery riders voice concerns to Shanmugam, Nov 7).

I urge the Government and relevant authorities to remain firm on the ban and not to compromise.

The ban is long-awaited and necessary as the lives and safety of pedestrians are at stake and must remain paramount.

There are other options and modes of transport available to food delivery riders such as bicycles or motorcycles. It is not a dead-end situation for them.

The authorities could look into the possibility of allowing e-scooters on the roads with an appropriate speed limit. But please keep them off footpaths and do not lift the ban.

Susan Tan Lin Neo