Don't blindly copy cycling culture of other countries

In many countries in the developed world, the cycling culture has already been in existence a long time.

We cannot simply follow them blindly because, unlike them, we are a city-state with a rail system that has not been fully developed yet.

It is only when all the planned MRT lines become operational will we see commuters giving up their cars for public transport, to allow road space for the use of the bicycle as a means of transport.

Meanwhile, we should make good use of the time in planning for a cycling culture to be introduced smoothly into our society.

If it is impossible to get bicycles licensed for the riders to be held responsible for any offence committed at the present moment when the number of cyclists is negligible, how are we going to manage the problem if the number is magnified when cycling becomes a more popular means of transport?

For the good of everyone residing here, we should take a serious look into all the problems associated with cycling in Singapore immediately, to derive practical solutions before we spend time on building infrastructure for cycling as a means of transport.

The time is not ripe yet.

We are unique. We face problems different from elsewhere, thus, preventing us from copying their ideas without making adjustments.

Yeo Boon Eng (Ms)

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