Don't assume seniors will adapt to cashless world

I was touched by Conrad Soon Kang Le's letter (Don't forget seniors amid cashless push; Jan 31).

Though only 16, he is clearly able to understand the problems seniors would encounter if Singapore becomes a cashless society.

Unlike him, many who have grown up in the Internet world fail to realise the difficulties those in the older generation face in carrying out simple tasks online or using cash cards for all kinds of transactions.

While we encourage the young to forge ahead with technology to be globally competitive, we must be aware that many in the older generation will not be able to adapt as easily in this fast-changing world.

Many countries do not face this problem because the older generation normally lives in rural areas, thus allowing their cities with younger residents to go cashless without much difficulty.

Unlike those countries, Singapore is a city-state. The old and the young reside side by side in all parts of this country, and hence the hindrance to go cashless rapidly.

Yeo Boon Eng (Ms)

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