Doesn't SMC talk to the complainant?

After going through complex surgery to reconstruct a badly fractured shoulder, complications set in as a result of inadequate post-operative care, advice and guidance.

A second surgery was performed but the damage was already done, leaving me permanently handicapped.

I lodged a complaint with the Singapore Medical Council (SMC) after my attempts at addressing this issue with the surgeon and Singapore General Hospital failed. A report was sent by the SMC, which I appealed against to the Health Minister.

What surprises me is how the SMC can take a decision in favour of the doctor without even interviewing or talking to the complainant ("Patient challenges SMC ruling on plastic surgeon"; Feb 3).

Does it mean that consideration is given only to one party? How, then, can the victim's case be heard and even- handed fairness be ensured?

Padmini Kesavapany (Mrs)