Do more to promote local food produce

It is encouraging to learn that the Government is giving its support to the Singapore Agro-Food Enterprises Federation (Safef), which aims to increase farming productivity and improve the safety standards of local produce (S'pore farmers band together to boost sector; Oct 27).

Singapore imports over 90 per cent of the food consumed, due to a shortage of land for agricultural use. Locally produced eggs, food fish and vegetables make up only a small percentage of local food consumption.

A few Safef member farms, like Sustenir Agriculture, employ the latest controlled environment agriculture (CEA) techniques for indoor vegetable farming, while Seng Choon Farm uses automated systems for poultry care and quality control.

An increase in local food production can also reduce the carbon footprint resulting from imports. In addition, indoor vegetable farming reduces environmental damage, as pesticides are not required.

Besides working on improving productivity, member farms should continue their efforts to be environmentally friendly through the use of greener technologies and the management of food waste.

To promote home-grown produce, such items should carry a "local produce" logo on their packaging.

Pop-up fairs, with posters highlighting the benefits and safety of local produce, can be held in shopping malls.

Agnes Cheah Heo Tong (Miss)