Do more to nurture innovation in Singapore

There are people who believe that Singaporeans are a bunch of pragmatic people. This is really dangerous thinking, because we start to lag behind in innovation.

The thumb drive was invented in Singapore in 2000; BreadTalk revived the bread industry here.

Sheng Siong supermarket is another good example of enterprise. With its chief Lim Hock Chee's strong belief in technology and vision, the company has the right attitude to succeed.

Statistics show that 50 per cent of start-ups fail within five years. So the journey to entrepreneurship is tough enough; what more innovation?

To succeed, budding innovators need the support of the Government ("Better infrastructure for innovation needed in future economy; by Mr Woon Wee Min ; Sept 28, "Govt unveils plans to spur innovation and enterprise"; Sept 21).

If the Economic Development Board (EDB) were to give incentives to locally based multinational corporations (MNCs) to choose Singapore companies over overseas ones for their supply needs, we would have a better chance to compete.

Some of our local small- and medium-sized enterprises are unable to bid for government or MNC projects, as they do not have enough capital. The EDB could help to invest in such a company if it sees its potential.

Joe Ng Boon Leng