Do more to make lifts safer

The editorial on March 22 ("Making every lift a safe lift") could not have come at a better time, following a spate of lift mishaps that have worried residents living in high-rise HDB blocks.

The safety of residents is of paramount concern in any lift malfunction. Each incident should be treated with urgency.

The Infocomm Development Authority and the Housing Board have assured residents that lifts in public housing are monitored by a tele-monitoring system ("Mobile coverage in lifts not compulsory"; Aug 28, 2015).

In case of an emergency, the Essential Maintenance Services Unit and the town council will be notified immediately.

However, given the recent incidents, I am sceptical about the reliability and efficiency of the system.

I hope the authorities will review the system to ensure the safety of residents in an emergency.

Another concern is that when a unit is under renovation, the lift is loaded with building materials, such as sand and cement, and materials to be discarded, like concrete. These items can easily go beyond the weight limit.

I suggest that every lift be fitted with a safety device that will trigger an alarm, and stall when the weight limit is exceeded.

Chin Kee Thou