Do more to help the elderly age well

The Action Plan for Successful Ageing deserves our commendation and support ("Govt to review financing system for long-term care"; Feb 25).

There are elderly destitute in our old-age homes, and they form a part of our society, although they are not always visible to the wider community.

I hope all government agencies involved in economic and social policies can come together and focus their resources towards the common aim of helping these elderly people.

Privately run old-age homes can be encouraged to work with other such agencies to relocate the destitute to other homes nearer their relatives and friends.

The HDB could use the Proximity Housing Grant scheme to support this too.

Blocks 96, 97 and 98 in Geylang East Central have old-age homes in their void decks.

Voluntary welfare organisations can be allowed to draw funds from the Community Silver Trust to rent space, build and operate more old-age home facilities in HDB void decks.

In a fast-ageing society, more should be done.

Let us make our HDB heartland a truly living space with a heart for community bonding and a unique character for local residents to support, associate with and be proud of.

Tan Kok Tim