Do more to curb queue cutting at Causeway

I drove into Johor Baru last Thursday. Due to the SG50 long weekend, one could expect a massive jam at the Causeway. The queue was long and it took an average of one and a half hours in the queue before one could clear immigration.

I know that the Traffic Police have put in a lot of effort to stop errant drivers from cutting queues, such as drawing double white lines and installing video cameras. But this is not enough.

As there are no clear rules preventing drivers from cutting the queue, many still chose to cut queues at places where double white lines were not drawn.

As I approached the Woodlands Crossing, about 300m away from the Woodlands Checkpoint building, I saw auxiliary policemen directing traffic. At this spot, many vehicles chose to cut the queue as there were no double white lines drawn.

These vehicles had come from the lane where they should be turning right to go into Woodlands Central.

Not only are these acts irresponsible and unfair, the abrupt manner in which the drivers cut the queue could lead to accidents, as the drivers in the line would have to jam on the brakes.

I suggest that road partitions be installed to divide the lanes between those going straight to the Woodlands checkpoint and those turning right to Woodlands Central.

Frankie Yee Kok Wah