Do-it-yourself valet parking service at SGH

Last Thursday afternoon, I was at the Singapore General Hospital and tried to park at Carpark C. The carpark was full, with many drivers double-parking and waiting for other motorists to vacate the parking spaces.

However, in this same carpark, there was a larger area with many empty parking spaces reserved for valet parking, run by Wilson Parking.

I decided to make use of the valet parking but ended up having to park and retrieve the car myself.

I went to get my car at 5.45pm. Even though the valet parking service was supposed to end at 6pm, the counter was already closed and all the staff were gone. I had to go to the office to get my car keys and retrieve my car.

Why must a motorist pay $3 for so-called valet parking when he does everything himself? This is not to mention the normal parking charges imposed on top of that.

Motorists are at the mercy of the operator. There are very few parking spaces for normal parking, compared to the spaces for valet parking.

I urge the authorities to convert the whole carpark into a normal parking area.

Kishore Vasu