Do away with all sorts of surcharges

Singapore must have the most complicated taxi fare system on the planet. And the authorities have just made it worse (Green light for taxi firms to adopt surge pricing; March 18).

The authorities should set a starting price and a price-per-kilometre charge, and do away with the surcharges as these tend to affect the taxi supply on the streets.

Try flagging down a taxi at about 10.45pm. Often, none is available until after 11pm - when the surcharge kicks in.

Also, the long queue of taxis at Changi Airport is due to the airport surcharge. Many cabbies flock there because they are hoping for a big fare, and they often spend at least half an hour waiting to pick up a passenger.

Measures like these tend to reduce the number of taxis plying the roads.

David Goh Kia Ngan