Dialogue between HR, Govt and job seekers needed in new workplace

Automation and robotics are supposed to complement each other.

It will help those who are currently employed to focus on the more analytical and creative aspects of their jobs (The scary and exciting future of jobs; Dec 6).

But the changes brought about by robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) mean that more mature dialogue is needed at the new workplace - this dialogue has to take place between the human resources, job seekers and the Government.

Human resources, which is sometimes left out of this conversation, has the role of constantly updating the job specifications of the new workplace to include certain levels of AI and automation.

Also, job seekers must take charge of their careers and start to discuss with human resources the new analytics and key performance indicators that could be accurate measurements of their real financial worth to an organisation.

Perhaps a detailed study could be carried to see how people with special needs can stay relevant and employable in the new workplace too.

This huge undertaking must have the full support and guidance from the Singapore Government.

After all, every Singaporean is important for the Singapore economy to succeed.

Colin Ong Tau Shien

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