Developers want to win all the time

It was not too long ago that property developers in Singapore were lamenting their poor sales and asking for the abolishment or reduction of the Government's cooling measures.

It, therefore, seems strange that these same developers are now falling over themselves to bid record prices for collective sales.

Will they be whining again in a few years' time when there is an oversupply brought about by the development of these sites sold en bloc?

When the market is bad, they ask the Government to reduce or loosen property curbs.

When the market is rising, they will bid ever-increasing prices for land.

In the end, the home owner - who buys just one house to live in - is the loser.

It is time the Government acts quickly and decisively before this round of collective sale fever gets out of hand, or we will all be listening to the developers' laments again in a few years' time. Wee Piew