Desperate situations call for desperate measures

Euthanasia refers to the painless killing of someone who is plagued with an incurable disease or a coma they can never awaken from (Consider legalising euthanasia, by Mr Seah Yam Meng; Aug 1).

As lives are involved, it is naturally a controversial topic and often frowned upon as an extreme approach.

However, the diseases patients contract may be just as extreme, and when desperate situations are present, there will surely be a need for desperate measures as well.

I believe that the act of euthanasia should be utilised well and should not be seen as taking a life out of expediency.

Euthanasia gives patients an alternative to treatment such as chemotherapy, which causes a lot of pain.

Some hold the view that that death is a better option that chemotherapy. It allows them to put an end to their suffering and misery.

Hence, I feel that euthanasia should be an option in Singapore.

Marcus Tan