Deputise drivers to report errant behaviour on roads

I absolutely agree with Ms Jacqueline Lim Cheng Mui that it is a miracle to stay safe on the roads each day ("Step up checks against errant road users"; Oct 10).

I am afraid that it will only get worse. Do we need a spate of very serious and horrendous accidents to jolt the authorities into action?

The Traffic Police can and must influence drivers' behaviour.

However, there is hardly any Traffic Police presence on the ground. I can go for days without seeing a patrol vehicle. Perhaps it is due to resource problems.

I have a suggestion to overcome this.

Rope in civic-minded volunteers with excellent driving records for a "traffic police deputy" scheme. They will, of course, need to attend training by the Traffic Police before they go on duty.

These "deputies" do not have enforcement powers but are given direct access to a Traffic Police communications channel via appropriate equipment to report offences and bad behaviour.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) also needs to do its part to make our roads safer by reviewing road user patterns and behaviour.

Motorcyclists are moving in and out of all lanes of the highway and road. Motorists sometimes may not see them when they are in a blind spot. The LTA should consider allowing motorcyclists to use only the left-most one or two lanes.

Also, it is common to see heavy vehicles, especially from neighbouring countries, speeding along the Kranji Expressway leading to the Pan-Island Expressway. Their speeds are clearly in excess of 80kmh and they occupy three of the four lanes.

Such behaviour must be stopped. The LTA should require not just some, but all heavy vehicles to be installed with speed limiters.

In addition, the authority should add a feature such that if the device is triggered for an extended period, a signal will be sent to the Traffic Police to indicate that a traffic offence was committed. It can also be triggered if the vehicle is in the wrong lane.

This technology already exists with the Electronic Road Pricing gantries, and can be a part of our Smart Nation programme.

Tony Lim Thiam Poh