Deploy double-deck bus to busy route

For years, I have seen only single-deck buses berthed at Sembawang bus interchange.

So, it was a happy sight to see a double-deck bus there last month.

However, I was disappointed to discover that the double-deck bus is deployed to Service 981, which plies the route between the interchange and Senoko Loop. It is a short route, akin to a feeder service.

It would have been better if the double-deck bus were deployed to a trunk service instead.

Currently, SMRT operates two truck services from Sembawang bus interchange - services 167 and 980.

Both travel to the city area, and passenger volumes are exceedingly high during peak hours. On many occasions in the evening, passengers can be seen standing on the steps of the doors, which is very dangerous.

Having double-deck buses ply these two routes would certainly better serve the public, especially Sembawang residents.

Catherine Tai Siew Leng (Ms)