Deploy cameras to stop illegal double-parking in HDB carparks

I applaud our Traffic Police, Land Transport Authority and National Environment Agency for deploying surveillance cameras at locations where speeding, illegal parking and high-rise littering are rampant.

I hope that the Housing Board can do the same.

At the rear of Block 145, Teck Whye Avenue, double-parking has been a longstanding problem. Upon feedback, HDB merely directs its service provider to step up enforcement action.

Illegal double-parking not only causes obstruction on the single-carriage service road, but also blocks drivers who want to exit, and impedes emergency vehicles' ease of passing and turning.

Trapped drivers sound their car horns persistently to attract attention, thus causing a noise nuisance.

In May last year, I met the HDB's Choa Chu Kang branch officer, residential committee vice-chairman and its manager on-site to discuss carpark-related issues and to brainstorm for solutions, such as prominent no waiting/no parking road markings, signs and closed-circuit television cameras.

But until today, I have yet to see any further measures taken by HDB, except for the occasional "summons auntie". The double-parking problem is still very real.

Solely relying on enforcement checks is not sufficient. Surveillance cameras have proven to be effective enforcement tools. Why doesn't the HDB take full advantage of the technology?

Loong Chik Tong