Deploy bendy buses to busy routes

I have a different view from Ms Catherine Tai Siew Leng ("Deploy double-deck bus to busy route"; Forum Online, Nov 4).

It would be better to deploy the long bendy buses for such routes.

I commute daily to work by train and bus. While waiting for my bus to arrive, I have witnessed many occasions where double-deck buses are not at full capacity, especially on the top deck, because people travelling short distances usually avoid the upper deck.

These commuters end up crowding around the exit, which is located near the front of the bus, thus making it difficult for people to board, especially on busy routes. The same thing happens in the evening.

Bendy buses are better as people can move to the back of the bus.

On certain single-deck buses, however, there have been complaints that those carrying backpacks add to the difficulty commuters face when standing in the buses.

Perhaps a campaign to get commuters to put their bags down - similar to what is being done for trains - would help alleviate the problem.

As for the narrow aisles and raised platforms that make it difficult for commuters to stand in the bus, public transport operators should consider their configurations carefully in future when replacing their buses.

Teresa Wong (Ms)