Dangerous driving in heart of Orchard Road

The stretch of Angullia Park between Orchard Boulevard and Orchard Road can be very hazardous to vehicular traffic and pedestrians.

Some motorists along Orchard Boulevard use it as a short cut to Wheelock Place, by making a right turn into the public car park, then exiting the car park to make a left turn (against the flow of traffic) and entering the car park at Wheelock Place.

This rash action can cause a serious head-on collision with on-coming traffic along the one-way Angullia Park. Unwary pedestrians may also get hurt.

I hope the authorities and the operators of the public car park can construct a permanent barrier to prevent vehicles from turning against the traffic flow to enter the Wheelock Place car park, for the safety of all.

Presently, there is a two-pole barrier at the exit of the public car park, but it is apparently inadequate to deter motorist from taking such rash actions.

Sum Kam Weng