Cyclists should dismount at underpasses

Recently, I was out with a group of former colleagues, mainly senior citizens, on our monthly walk.

Our route included the embankment of the Singapore River, and during our walk, we used the underpasses at some of the bridges that span the river.

I noticed that despite the signs at the entrances to the underpasses forbidding cycling, cyclists were whizzing past us, sometimes at high speed.

We told a man who was on a bicycle, with a child as a pillion passenger, about the no-cycling rule, but he ignored us.

Constructing barriers may force cyclists to dismount, but wheelchair users will be inconvenienced.

Cyclists need to be more considerate when they want to share the underpass with pedestrians. They should dismount at underpasses so that they do not put pedestrians in danger.

Yeo Hock Yew