Cycling through Funan only during morning rush hour

A cyclist on the bicycle path in the new Funan mall.
A cyclist on the bicycle path in the new Funan mall. ST PHOTO: LIM YAOHUI

We assure Ms Susan Tan Lin Neo that Funan will adopt measures to create a safe and pleasant environment for shoppers and cyclists (Bad idea to let cyclists ride into mall, May 24).

Opening next month, Funan is an integrated development with retail, office and serviced residence components.

With a focus on enhancing urban connectivity, Funan incorporates amenities that support active mobility.

These include a shared cycling and walking path along its North Bridge Road perimeter, as part of the National Cycling Plan mooted by the authorities.

To provide added convenience for Funan's office community who cycle to work, we extended this path with a short stretch of indoor cycling path inside Funan that takes cyclists straight to a bicycle hub, where end-of-trip amenities can be found.

Available only on Level 1, this one-way only indoor cycling path is painted red with clearly marked boundaries.

Cyclists can also take the external path to enter and exit the bicycle hub.

To balance the needs of different users, the following measures will be in place:

- Cycling through Funan is allowed only during the morning rush hour before the mall opens at 10am, and cyclists cannot venture beyond the designated path.

- During the mall's operating hours from 10am to 10pm, cyclists are required to dismount and push their bicycles if they choose to use the indoor cycling path. The indoor cycling path will close at the same time as the mall.

- Signs will be put up at all entrances and along the indoor cycling path to remind cyclists to slow down.

- Speed regulating strips are installed on the indoor cycling path to prevent speeding.

Users of personal mobility devices will be required to observe the same above rules as cyclists.

When Funan opens, service ambassadors will be stationed at the mall to encourage responsible ridership.

We will also engage cycling interest groups to help spread the message about bicycle safety and etiquette.

The safety of our shoppers is of paramount importance to us. We will monitor the situation closely and make any changes needed to ensure the safety of shoppers.

Augustine Ow

Development Manager