Cut class sizes across all levels

Last year, it was reported that the Ministry of Education has recruited enough teachers over the years and schools are able to reduce class sizes at lower primary levels to about 30 pupils ("MOE cuts back on hiring teachers"; Nov 19, 2015).

Every child has a different learning style, and no child should be left out.

I urge the MOE to implement the 30:1 ratio for all primary levels and secondary schools as well.

This would enable teachers to have more time to help each student, stretch their potential and, hopefully, also enhance the teacher's job satisfaction.

Are there also enough teachers and teacher assistants to coach students with special needs?

Children with autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and dyslexia, or just late bloomers, would benefit from a smaller class setting of five to eight pupils.

Perhaps current teachers who have a passion for these children with special needs can be selected to do this meaningful job.

Ivy Chan Lee Yee (Madam)