Customer unfriendly rules on out of sequence air tickets

In October, I booked tickets for my family and me on Singapore Airlines to Chennai. We were to depart on Dec 8 and return on Dec 24.

Unfortunately, some business matters cropped up before the trip and I decided to book a new ticket to India, forfeiting my original Dec 8 ticket but staying with the original return ticket on Dec 24.

To my surprise, I was told by SIA that I would not be able to use the return ticket, as I did not use the onward ticket. I was also not able to get a refund on this.

I am aware of non-refundable tickets, but it seems unreasonable and customer unfriendly to disallow the ticket from being used.

It seemed that the ticket I had originally purchased was a special ticket (termed an "out of sequence" ticket). However, there was no mention of this on the ticket.

I hope SIA revisits this restriction and either allows the customer to use one leg of the ticket or provides a refund.

Sripadhanallur Kumaraswamy Natarajan