Create more places where youth can seek legal thrills

I understand why some young people are drawn to high-rise rooftops ("Getting high on snapping rooftop shots"; April 10), risking life and limb just to have a special photograph taken to share with the world.

There are those who conquer mountain peaks just to catch the sunrise at the top of the world.

The breathtaking view from such heights is the experience of a lifetime for many and, hence, worth the strenuous effort needed to climb them.

Our young seek the same thrill, albeit at the wrong places. People who climb mountains have safety measures in place, such as ropes, harnesses and devices to anchor themselves to the rock face. But in the context of "rooftopping", there is nothing to prevent a fatal fall.

Perhaps, we should offer a safer route to experiencing this thrill at some of the tall commercial buildings in Singapore.

In Macau, people can walk along the outer rim at the top of Macau Tower while being attached to safety ropes.

If we have something like that in Singapore, our young will have a safer, legal way of getting an adrenaline rush.

Lee Kay Yan (Miss)