Could wheel size have been a factor in death of e-biker?

The report (59-year-old e-bike rider dies in accident; June 13) and accompanying photograph, showing an e-bike with rather small wheels, raises the question of whether the size of an e-bike's wheels is a factor in accidents.

Smaller wheels are less stable and more sensitive to potholes and hard objects such as stones or debris, making riders more prone to falls and their bikes harder to manoeuvre.

Given that e-bikes are faster than normal bikes, and their drivers are relatively inexperienced, owing to the devices' recent introduction, perhaps the Land Transport Authority could impose a minimum wheel size of, say, 50cm in diameter.

The visibility of the devices to drivers of larger vehicles is also an important consideration.

Brighter lighting, a speed limit and wider bicycle lanes should follow to stem the spate of such accidents.

Gan Kok Tiong

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