Continue to explore NS for women

It has been about two years since public discussion started on the viability of women being conscripted for National Service just like their male counterparts.

It is unclear why discussions have stalled and no progress made. I urge that we as a nation continue to explore this as it would become especially useful in areas such as nursing and healthcare, where much help is required by hospitals, hospices, and for geriatric and home care.

Our annual births of 15,000 to 18,000 females will not only help to solve the severe problem of shortage of healthcare workers, it will also mean gender equality.

It would also prepare and give women the experience and skills that will complement the role of our men in defence.

Let us study countries like Isreal and Norway which practise this. In a small nation like Singapore, every pair of hands matters.

Felicia Hoa Yuh Ling (Madam)