Consider all carpark users, not just cyclists

In considering easier carpark access for cyclists, I am concerned that the HDB is conceding to the wishes of the cycling group Love Cycling SG ("Easier carpark access for cyclists soon?"; Dec 27).

If the bollards are removed from the parking gantries to allow cyclists into carparks freely, then, motorcyclists would also be able to enter and park for free by using the same driveway.

Then, drivers of all other vehicles would effectively be subsidising the parking fees for all two-wheeled vehicles. This penalises drivers of cars and other four-wheeled vehicles.

I suggest that the HDB hold a dialogue with all carpark users before coming to any decision. It must make a neutral and impartial decision regarding the use of carparks.

All drivers, regardless of the number of wheels on their vehicles, should be allowed the same parking privileges at a fair rate.

Also, as the HDB is the owner of the most number of carparks in Singapore, any decision it makes would definitely have an effect on how parking fees in other carparks, both public and private, are charged.

Balasingam-Chow Yu Hui