Comprehensive studies needed before implementing new security measures

I am sure Mr Seah Yam Meng's letter resonates with many MRT users (Airport-like checks at MRT stations an overreaction; Nov 9).

Undoubtedly, most would agree that the inconvenience stringent checks will cause train commuters is significantly higher than that to air travellers.

While we travel by aeroplanes less frequently, commuting by MRT is an almost daily affair for millions.

Without a doubt, these security measures will result in longer travelling time for train commuters, especially during the rush hours.

Comprehensive studies or trials need to be carried out and the accompanying results and evidence should be conclusive in order to warrant the implementation of airport-like checks at our MRT stations.

Also, should commuters be concerned about the radiation and such if they are subjected to daily scans with the use of portable scanning devices and security metal detectors?

Will X-ray machines be deployed at MRT stations to scan passengers' belongings too?

Before these security measures are put in place, the authorities should carry out a thorough risk analysis to ascertain the probability of terrorist threats and whether it makes sense to step up security in this manner.

The cost, resources and degree of inconvenience should also be taken into full consideration.

Even if airport-like checks are eventually implemented, these should be carried out at random.

Joe Teo Kok Seah