Compensate users when fibre line is damaged

NetLink Trust said that accidental bending of fibre strands is uncommon and that it does penalise contractors who are negligent ("Fibre line damage: NetLink Trust replies"; Forum Online, April 6).

But, affected users are the ones who really suffer, particularly if they are business establishments, as the loss of Internet connection may result in a loss of business.

Shouldn't the Infocomm Development Authority ensure that NetLink Trust compensates users who suffer such loss of services, at, say, a certain amount a day?

If faced with punitive measures, NetLink Trust will not only ensure that such disruptions are rare but will also take prompt action to remedy the defect when it occurs.

It took more than 10 days to remedy the problem I faced ("What happens when contractors damage someone else's fibre line?"; Forum Online, March 28), and it affected the work of more than 50 employees at the workplace of another user who was similarly affected by a fibre line damage ("Let firms consult only one engineer to fix fibre line issues" by Mr Wong Boon Hong; Forum Online, March 31).

Goh Khee Kuan