Companies must overcome reluctance to hire older workers

I have been following the recent debate on the retirement age.

The Government has been very proactive in getting seniors to return to the job market. Much has also been said about the advantage of hiring or having seniors in the workplace.

But realistically, most companies I know will not accept this.

Most people above 40 are already pressured to perform in their jobs, as they are constantly reminded of how expensive they are. If they are laid off, it will be difficult for them to be employed again.

Many human resource executives have also told me of their reluctance to hire older workers, for various valid concerns. The situation is worse for those in their 50s and 60s.

The problem is not that people want to retire, but that many people above 40 cannot be re-employed.

Unless we change employers' mindsets and prove that seniors have value, I do not see the situation changing.

Dominic So Chi Ko