Commuters key to making public transport child- and elderly-friendly

Commuter empathy and cooperation are essential if the plan to introduce more family-friendly initiatives is to succeed (Making public transport easier for kids, elderly; June 23).

While there is a noticeable increase in the number of wheelchair-users and parents with strollers on public transport, commuter response in some instances has been disappointing - ignoring the need to be more accommodating towards these people.

More public consultation, feedback and publicity are necessary as new transport facilities and measures are studied and if more is going to be done to make public transport child- and elderly-friendly.

If commuters remain apathetic, we may end up with the elderly and physically disadvantaged being deprived of priority seats in the trains without anyone even thinking anything of it.

It is important that the new Family-Friendly Transport Advisory Panel comprise of people from diverse backgrounds, especially people who use public transport.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng