Commemorate Mr Lee with prudent initiatives

March 23 is the first anniversary of the death of founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew.

There have been calls and proposals to build a monument befitting a great statesman to commemorate him, similar to what other countries have done for their leaders.

Years before his death, Mr Lee specifically requested that the building of any form of statues in remembrance of him be avoided. The reason was to avoid creating a personality cult.

A committee was formed last year to discuss a project to commemorate his contributions. A proposal to build a memorial park to honour founding fathers of this nation has also emerged ("Two possible sites identified for Founders' Memorial"; March 15).

Many events have been planned this year to commemorate Mr Lee's death.

I hope the Government will consider allocating resources prudently and take into account where they can be better used, such as in social support for the less fortunate or to promote continual learning.

I believe this is what Mr Lee and our other founding fathers would have wanted.

Tan Kar Quan