Coming together to celebrate diversity in Singapore

The photo accompanying the article on July 7 ("Develop Islam that embraces all people: Yaacob") showing people of different faiths eating and drinking at the same table to mark Hari Raya Aidilfitri was a wonderful sight - in sharp contrast to attempts to divide mankind elsewhere in the world.

People here must play their part in getting together to share with one another what is best about their faith and culture, and bring about greater mutual understanding.

It is this sharing from the heart that has always been at the centre of our togetherness, where our diversity is cause for celebration.

My grandmother was a shining example of one who embraced togetherness. She worshipped at every religious altar. She did not see the differences, only the similarities, and often reminded us that there is no separation as long as the heart and mind are pure and willing to give to others.

Such a message must be spread throughout the world today, where there is so much more to be gained from caring for one another and working together as one.

This tradition of coming together as one must be built on even further.

We must also celebrate our diversity, and see it as benefiting all.

Respect for one another, regardless of our differences, is what got us here, and we must never forget it.

Manoraj Rajathurai