Collective efforts important for education of special needs child

We thank Mr Dino Trakakis ("Up to parents to secure best future for special needs kids"; Feb 15) for his letter.

While parents have a paramount role to play in meeting the needs of children with special needs, collective efforts in the education of a special needs child is important, especially the role that voluntary welfare organisations (VWOs) can play.

As a VWO, other than providing dyslexia assessment and intervention services, the Dyslexia Association of Singapore (DAS) has been raising awareness of dyslexia through talks in mainstream primary and secondary schools, pre-schools and tertiary institutions.

In addition, free computerised dyslexia screening sessions for children are regularly held at various mainstream schools and public venues.

The indicative screening outcome is a valuable source of information for any parent who is contemplating formal psychological testing.

Another VWO, the DAS Academy has been training parents and Allied Educators on how to support children with mild learning difficulties.

With more VWOs taking a prominent role in advocacy and education, and schools being more proactive in seeking special needs training, Singapore will be better prepared to cope with the revised Compulsory Education Act when it takes effect in 2019.

June Siew (Ms)


DAS Academy

Dyslexia Association of Singapore