Coding a good skill to learn on path to Smart Nation

I was delighted and pleased to read that Apple is launching a new iPad app, Swift Playgrounds, to teach coding concepts to beginners and children of all ages ("Apple releasing Swift way for kids to learn coding"; June 15).

Coding allows one to learn that successive approximation is better than postponed perfection. It is a constant series of small steps, with many failed attempts, that slowly get you to the end result. Each accomplishment is only the next level in the process.

There is always something new in coding. This hones a person's curiosity and confidence, and allows him to be open to change.

Perhaps schools can promote coding and introduce electives to cater to students who want to learn or expand their knowledge of coding.

In the near future, children will enter society equipped with these skills.

This is especially important for Singapore, which is on the path to become the world's first Smart Nation and co-create a future of better living for all, through tech-enabled solutions.

Shen Jiaying (Miss)