Close, not merge JCs

Unlike primary and secondary schools, junior colleges which run two-year courses need not be merged at all.

For example, if JC A is merging with JC B the following year, this involves the merging of only one cohort - the first-year students who will be in their second year by then.

Of the two JCs, the Ministry of Education should let one JC close naturally by not taking any first-year students and allowing its Year 2 students go on to complete their course.

This can resolve the issue of calls for giving the merged JCs a joint name to retain the identity of both JCs.

Having joint names is a short-term fix, as no one knows whether the JCs will have to undergo yet another merger in future.

Some secondary schools have undergone more than one merger.

The merger of educational institutions due to falling enrolments is not the same as that for commercial organisations.

Ronnie Lim Ah Bee