Clearing the path for emergency vehicles

I believe there are areas that our security and emergency teams could consider improving to make Singapore an even safer place.

One of the challenges our emergency and rescue teams face is the time they take to get to the scene of an incident, especially when the roads are congested. Lives depend on a fast response.

These are some suggestions for improvement:

- The police should stop all vehicles at the scene of the accident to clear the road ahead. This will allow emergency vehicles or ambulances to reach the scene more quickly, by even travelling against the flow of traffic if need be.

This is practised in the tunnels of Hong Kong.

- All traffic should move to the left and stop immediately whenever they hear the siren of an approaching emergency vehicle. Stopping would help to keep the road clear for the emergency vehicles.

- Traffic lights should be fitted with sensors so that the lights change to green when emergency vehicles approach. Again, this would give emergency vehicles a clear path.

Samuel Lim Hak Tik