Clearance needed for bus diversions for safety

We thank Mr How Chin Leng for his letter (Bus not giving way to emergency vehicles, Forum Online; Aug 25).

SBS bus captains are under strict instructions not to carry out a route diversion without authorisation from our Bus Operations Control Centre (BOCC).

This is for the safety of both our captains and passengers as our buses are long, heavy vehicles and the double-deck ones, subject to height restrictions.

In the accident Mr How cited, our double-deck bus was not obstructing the emergency vehicles. In fact, it was our bus that was obstructed and unable to continue.

Also, two emergency vehicles were already parked on the opposite side of the road and attending to those involved in the accident.

Based on CCTV footage, an Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) officer saw the situation our SBS bus was in and requested that the captain just wait.

Concurrently, a passenger on board also came forward in an attempt to provide assistance.

The bus eventually made a left turn once the control centre gave the green light and confirmed there were no impediments along the diverted route.

We thank the SCDF officer for his kind assistance and Mr How for the opportunity to clarify the situation.

Tammy Tan (Ms)

Senior Vice-President, Corporate Communications

SBS Transit

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